Research Activities

Besides regular academic activities the college has been active in research. The college has excellent facilities and areas of synthetic organic chemistry, herbal drug development and standardization, formulation development and drug delivery and analytical method development and validation.

Department of Pharmaceutics

  • Isolation of natural polymers
  • Physiochemical properties of phyto constituents
  • Identification of natural pharmaceutical excipients
  • Safety evaluation of pharmaceutical excipients
  • Estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters
  • Bioequivalence studies in animals

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Aromatic formulation synthetic works involving Ionic liquid-Microwave technique coupling.

  • Preliminary phytochemical, pharmacological screening of natural products
  • Qualitative and quantitative HPTLC analysis of natural and synthetic chemical entity
  • HPLC analysis of natural products

Department of Pharmacognosy

  • In vitro antioxidant study usingĀ  UV methods
  • In vitro antioxidant study using HPTLC method

Department of Pharmacology

  • Bioassays- in vitro and in vivo models
  • Potency evaluation synthetic/ alternative/ modern medicines in animal models and biclinical studies
  • On going studies
    • Evaluations of anti diabetic activity of herbals medicines
    • Evaluation of antiulcer activity of medicinal plants
    • Evaluation of anti hyperlipidemic activity of medicinal plants
    • Toxicity studies
    • Pharmacokinetic studies
    • Anti cancer activity- In vitro cytotoxicity, in vivo Breast & Colorectal cancer study
    • Chemomodulatory Influence of f series of Quinazoline Derivatives on DMBA Induced Mammary Carcinoma on Sprague Dawley Rats
    • Toxicoloical detection of mutagenicity and antimutagenicity of indigoferra tinctoria
    • Chemomodulatory effect of aqueous extract of Pergularia daemia on 1,2- dimethyl hydrazine induced colon cancer on rat model
    • Apoptosis& Colorectalcancer studies on the pathogenesis & potential therapeutic targets in Derris plant
    • Examination and Evaluation of antioxidant and anti hyperglycemic properties of some common vegetables
    • Design and development of Dietary formulation possessing antihyperglycemic activity coupled with antioxidant properties
    • Evaluation of diuretic activity from Dicerma biarticuatum(L) DC leaves extract
    • Evaluation of anticancer activity of Pongamia pinnata (LINN.)
    • Studies and characterization of in vivo and in vitro activities of diabetes in Derries brevipes var brevipes plant
    • Pharmcognostical, phytochemical screening and Anti inflammatory evaiution of Derris indica
    • Role of coenzyme q10, selenium &vitamin e in improving sperm count, sperm motility and sperm morphology in male infertility a prospective observational study
    • Antiurolithiatic activity of alcoholic and aqueous leaf extracts of Dierma biarticulatum (l) dc in ethylene glycol induced lithiatic rats

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Analytical method development and validation of herbal natural products and formulations by HPTLC and RP-HPLC methods.
  • Method development for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in presence of related substances.
  • Bioanalytical method development for dosage forms.
  • Stress related degradation studies on API and dosage forms by HPLC-MS/MS