The Trust
The Karpagam Charity Trust was formed in the year 1989 with the aim of providing good educational facilities to the people of the area, catering to the needs of the poor and serving the society in general through charitable deeds.

Dr. R.VASANTHAKUMAR, B.E.,(Hons), D.Sc.,

Managing Director of Karpagam Group of Industries and a leading Industrialist in Coimbatore, is the Managing Trustee of Karpagam Charity Trust. He is known for his drive and dedication. The philanthropist in him urged him to start a college and thereby serve the cause of higher education by bringing it to the reach of the poor and needy.

Shri.K.Murugaiah, B.E,

Chief Executive Officer of the Karpagam Charity Trust, is an equally dedicated and able person, without whom the "Karpaga virutcham" would not have taken strong roots and spread its branches.