Facility Pharmaceutical Analysis


To produce a competent Pharmaceutical Analyst to meet the demands of the Pharmaceutical Industries in terms of analysis, Quality control of materials (raw and finished), standards and compliance with regulatory bodies and to provide Quality Assurance to the Pharma Industry for the manufacture of either formulations or bulk drugs.


To develop ability to work in pharmaceutical industries on modern analytical methods, instruments, analytical method development, validation, analytical research and achieving global standards.

The Department was established in 2023 to provide a focus for Pharmaceutical Analysis at the college of Pharmacy. Pharmaceutical analysis is a core department which is responsible for imparting knowledge in the field of modern instrumental techniques for B.Pharm, Pharm. D and all branches of M.Pharm. It involves basic research in identity, purity, content and stability of starting materials, excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Impurities usually stem from the synthesis of the active ingredients; they are usually monitored according to the ICH guidelines and the pharmacopoeia standards.

The department is actively involved in the method development of synthetic and natural drugs, pharmacokinetic studies, TDM studies, stability studies, elucidation of newly synthesized drugs using UV. The department of pharmaceutical analysis has the modern equipment’s with good infrastructure facilities.

A broad knowledge of the pharmaceutical analysis is disseminated to the students with an emphasis placed on both the academic and professional aspects of the subject and it prepares graduates, post graduates and Doctorates for entry into research programmes in the Pharmaceutical Analysis, DSIR Recognized research centre