Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy practice

Pharmacy Practice is one of the recent branches of pharmacy which was designed to develop a new generation of pharmacist working in a clinical setup along with physician and other paramedics in-order to promote the patient Health Care, where the pharmacist focus on optimizing medication use, Prevent medication errors, adverse drug reaction (ADRs), promoting health and preventing disease, rather than traditionally focusing on manufacturing and dispensing of drugs.

Academic Acitivity

Our College has an MoU with 750 bedded Karpagam Medical College Hospital, which is one kilometre away from the college and providing the following

Clinical Based Activities

Drug Information Center (DIC)

Drug information and patient counselling centre is functioning under the Department of pharmacy practice at the hospital. This centre has subscribed Micromedex 2.0 Clinical Knowledge Software for the following activities:
This Center provides consultative service to health care professionals and patients. Unbiased, comprehensive and relevant information regarding the drugs and the therapeutics as well as other related health care work is provided to the physician and other health care professional to support better patient care.

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