Pharmacology deals with the effect and fate of drugs in the biological system. Pharmacology is a multidisciplinary area which requires expert knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathophysiology and clinical sciences. Pharmacology provides the platform for establishing the therapeutic potential for newer drugs and formulations. Pharmacology is essential for the metamorphosis of compounds into drugs. The pharmacology specialization of the department provides instructional and research training to the students in the areas of drug evaluation and discovery.

The Department of Pharmacology has fully furnished facilities for research and established in 2009. Research in cancer, metabolic disorders, inflammatory diseases, chemoprevention, wound healing and tissue repair, Neuro-pharmacology, diabetes and psycho-pharmacology is being carried out in the department. Faculty and postgraduate students are actively involved in research projects.


M Pharm Pharmacology (2 Years with 4 Semester)

This is a two-year programme designed to provide advanced training in various aspects of pharmacology, molecular biology, pre-clinical and clinical drug development and pharmacotheraputics. There are excellent experiments to be carried out in each of these areas, which equip the student with skills for research. The programme has tremendous scope and students who emerge successfully have various career options.

They are a much sought-after tribe in academia and industry. They can enter the teaching profession, they can find employment in pharmaceutical companies in R&D, clinical research organisations, medical writing as well as, in research.

The department has succeeded in finding suitable employment for those who successfully completed M Pharm. Many of our alumni are very well placed, either in India or abroad. The annual intake of M Pharm pharmacology branch is fifteen students.

Course Training during M Pharm

Career Importance of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is a subject, which connects the other disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences with medicine. This branch of science equips a student with the ability to appreciate the establishment of dose, dosage, efficacy and safety of medicines, their mechanisms and disposition.

Pharmacology gives immense scope for exploration into diversified subdomains such as signalling and molecular mechanisms of medicines, clinical pharmacology and Bio pharmaceutics, non-clinical and clinical trials. This opens up opportunities for further academic up gradation, sometimes with funding research projects of national importance supported by government funding agencies.

The pharmaceutical industry, especially clinical research organizations offer variety of career opportunities in different business verticals such as basic pharmacological research, pre-clinical toxicology, clinical pharmacology, quality assurance and compliance, medical/scientific writing, pharmacovigilance, marketing (scientific/product management)  and many more…

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Core area of research

The following research activities are carried out in our department for B. Pharm/M. Pharm/ Pharm. D project work in In vivo / In vitro Pharmacology studies using various animal models.

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