Co-Curricular Activities

The institution has provided various opportunities for the Faculty and Students by encouraging them in effective participation in conference/seminar/oral and poster presentation at regional, state and national level colleges.

Various programmes have been organized inside the institution and guided them for their participation.

Attended (students):

Research Paper Presented in Seminars/Conferences – Students

Awards & Acheivements

Academic year Name of the candidate Title Organizers of seminar Awards Month & year
2016 – 17   Mr. M. Palanichami IV – B.Pharm Dosage Form Prescription Errors in Coimbatore First International Drug Delivery Congress (IDC – 2017), RVS College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sulur, Coimbatore.(SERB, ICMR & The TN Dr MGR Medical University Sponsored) First place 20th and 21st January 2017
  2017 – 18 Mr. P. Navaneetha Krishnan IV– B.Pharm Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Traditional Herbs National Seminar On New Horizons In Plant Biotechnology (NHPB – 2017), Department Of Biotechnology, School Of Biosciences &Periyar University, Salem. First place 06th December 2017
Ms. S. Rashmi III – Pharm .D Pharmacogenetics of Multidrug Resistance Protein Gene Polymorphism in Malignant Glioma under Temozolomide based Chemoradiation Therapy International Conference on “Clinical Pharmacy” conducted by Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Best paper award 21.01.2018 & 22.01.2018
Ms. S. Kavibharathi IV– B.Pharm Retro Biosynthesis Of Sulfanilamide Based Azetidinone Derivative and their Antioxidant Property Two Days National Seminar On Bioinformatics – A Tool For Pharmaceutical Biotechnology And Drug Discovery, RVS College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sulur, Coimbatore.(Icmr Sponsored) Second place 21st and 22nd June 2018
2018 – 19 Mr. M. Karthick Raja  IV – B.Pharm Therapeutic Importance of Aromatherapy PPG College Of Pharmacy, Coimbatore Won second place 05th December 2018
    Ms. S. Rashmi IV – Pharm .D Transitioning Towards Multidisciplinary Care And Research 4th International Conference On Clinical Pharmacy, Department Of Pharmacy Practice, Manipal College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal. Best paper award 05TH AND 06TH  January 2019
Mr. M. Sudharsan II – Pharm .D “Evaluation of invitro anticancer acting of dual loaded qu-ru, qu-sinanoformulation on Multi- Drug Resistance [MDR] cancer cell lines” “International Conference on Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical technology” conducted by JamiaSalafiya Pharmacy college, Mallappuram, Kerala. Second prize and awarded1000 cash 16th January 2019