Placements and Training

Karpagam College of pharmacy strives to hold a good record in placements. The institution trains the students to meet the expectations of the companies through Career Development Programmes conducted throughout the year. Our programmes are designed to provide excellent placement support and we invite eminent recruiters for our Campus Recruitment Program. The number of students placed through campus placement programs is on the rise every year.

Value Added Courses

1.Hands-on Training On Analytical Instruments

An Analyst will get enough knowledge on operating the instruments for analysing various drug samples. The trained analyst will be well versed about each and every step of operating instruments as well as troubleshooting methods.

2.Spectroscopic Techniques

A Chemist / an Analyst will be thoroughly learning about basic concepts, Instrumentation and pharmaceutical applications of all spectroscopic techniques. The course offers all the aspects of Interpretation of individual spectral data for predicting chemical structure of a therapeutic molecule from various spectroscopic studies. The course will also provide a clear idea about software used for analysis and interpretation.


Pharmacovigilance is the activity concerned with the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR). The Pharmacist could be trained with an assessment of adverse drug reactions as per WHO assessment scale and also trained in drug information software (Micromedex 2.0).

4.Pharmaceutical Marketing

Through this course, the Pharmacist can develop his creative skills & ideas on product sales and also gets motivated to become an Entrepreneurship.

5.Pharmaceutical Formulation And Development

The course enables to familiarize in sources & quality on product performance and safety in connection with principles of manufacturing, product development & the application of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

6.Intellectual Property Rights

This course insights an exclusive right to the inventors or creators of that property, in order to enable them to reap commercial benefits from their creative efforts or reputation.

7.Pharmacological Invitro / Invivo Screening Hands-on Training

In vitro pharmacological studies (antioxidant, cytotoxic, antidibetics) provide invaluable data on a compound’s chance to succeed at the clinical phase. In vivo pharmacology is the study of the biological effects of a drug in living organisms. In vivo models or animal models of human diseases are used to observe the physiological effects of bioactive compounds.

Hospitals Supporting for Placements and Training

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